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Discordia is a project that belongs to us, it's about us. Discordia is the ongoing struggle between the different moods featuring our personality, making every one of us distinct from the other.

We are Discordia.

Bored, brilliant, mad, smart, jaded, happy, kind, naughty, arrogant, in love, ruthless, scared, excited, gentle, worried, sensitive.

There’s always Discordia in our mind, an impulse that nourishes us and makes us unique.

A literary adventure and, at the same time, a guideline for the construction of the whole project. Discordia highlights the everlasting attraction between two distinct worlds , the masculine and the feminine.

Opposite poles kept together in a fragile balance that becomes attraction despite the diversity. An accentuated color variation features the elements of the collection Discordia, creating exaggerated and distinct shades mixed with extreme or either clean and essential patterns.

An ongoing rollercoaster of emotions conveyed by the matter and by the combination of intense and strong colors and more uniform and plain surfaces.

The exceptional nature of Discordia can't be under control.

Just like human beings.

No matter if the new languages aim to more and more globalize our actions, we will always be unique and unrepeatable, everything and its opposite.

Discordia can't join any compromise: every surface is different from the other, it's impossible to determine the exact color, the specific pattern and the final result.

Discordia is destined to change over time, do dampen the extreme tones to more uniform and gentle shades, adjusting to the environment and reaching the compromises that come with time.

At the end, it is the same journey that we experience from youth to the age of reason.

Emanuele Picciarelli





Two layer boards with Birch plywood support

European Oak 4 mm


Total thickness: 14mm
Top layer: 4mm
Width Raw: 45mm
Width Pure: 120mm
Length: random from 700mm up to 2400mm

Country_Knots of different dimensions and cracks filled with black filler

Oil-High Performance Oil





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