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Salis manufactures luxury elements in fine woods, which include flooring, paneling, cladding, decking and inlays. Our sales team is committed to providing the utmost care, ensuring a unique experience to customers around the world. Our customized approach and uncompromising attention to details allows us to overcome the competition in terms of quality and service.

Always careful to contemporary architecture and design, Salis's blog offers ideas, tips, and inspiration for those who are about to buy a wooden floor and to furnish house with wooden elements of design.


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what we do

Salis primarily uses European Oak and Recovered oak, for the realization of its floors. The first grows mainly in the countries of northern and eastern Europe, comes from forests managed in a sustainable manner, and it is therefore an inexhaustible resource.
With Recovered Oak instead we identify the ancient material that we find out mainly in central and northern Italy and in the countries of Central Europe; this material ranges from 70 to 600 years of age, because it is recovered from old houses, villas and ruins now discontinued. The strong aging process, resulting in darkening of tannin, make it one of the most noble and refined material for the creation of decorative objects or luxury furniture. For most of this material it is not possible to indicate the exact source, but we are able to indicate their authenticity through the certification of the age: it is a test that allows us to discover the era in which the Oak tree was cut off.
The construction of our planks mainly follows the standards of north-European countries, where it has long been established the use of 3-layer technology, with counter-balanced support, which we believe to be the most powerful and high quality technology solution.
Our 3 layer planks, entirely made in Italy, are made of 2 layers of support in softwood (spruce), and a layer of noble wood of 4 mm. Salis produces on request planks of large formats with support of birch plywood.
Our finishes are divided into industrial and handcrafted: the first are made through a modern painting and oiling machinery, with UV-drying system, in 5 cycles, with which we make the Vintage, 900 and Global Series. The latter are all artisan processes of painting or oiling by hand, especially complex and often custom-made, performed by our masters of wood. In fact, the colors of the Timeless, Aere and Aqua Series are our trademark, impossible to replicate.
The polishing, brushing, planing, sanding, aging, and distressing processes are made almost entirely by hand, or with the help of machines that necessitate a strong contribution of our master craftsmen. Only then we can take the utmost care of the details, and make sure that each element will be perfect.



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